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Computer technology is a good thing, as long as it works the way you think it should work! This Help document was written to ensure a trouble-free purchase, download (if applicable) and usage experience. Note that the following procedures apply to the Mac operating system (OS) and any device that supports that such as iPads, iPods and iPhones. For Windows computers please use the WINDOWS HELP page.


The following screen captures take you through the purchasing steps click-by-click. Please note the highlighted parts of each screen. You can get to the Corff Voice Studios online store in several ways: The Menu Tabs, the Audio Courses “Read More” button, or the “Store” menu tab on the right.

Mac Help 1

We’ll use the Menu Tabs for our example, but all roads lead to the same place: the Store. Click on the Audio Courses menu tab, then select the Accent Reduction next to the blue audio excerpt player.

The Accent Reduction course will be used for this walk-through; substitute your desired product name if it is different than Accent Reduction. Select Buy Now.

Mac Help 2

This screen will appear. Select Add to Cart.

Mac Help 3

If the item and quantity are correct, select Checkout and the Customer Information screen will appear. When you are done filling in this form, press Continue. (If you wish to purchase another item, select the Continue Shopping link.)

Mac Help 4

Mac Help 5

Mac Help 6

Although your order is being processed through PayPal, you do NOT have to open or use a PayPal account to purchase your item(s). Select Complete order.

Mac Help 7

On the next screen, Select Pay with Debit or Credit card (or use your PayPal account if you like). A new form appears for you to fill in. When finished, select Pay Now.

Mac Help 8

Mac Help 9

Mac Help 10

You’ll see this while your payment is being processed:

Mac Help 11

This is what a successful transaction looks like:

Mac Help 12

If you ordered a download course, you will shortly receive three e-mails at the address you entered during the order process. If you have spam filtering or other blocking, these e-mails may not show up! So make sure you allow mail from inquiries@www.corffvoice.com, service@paypal.com, and this very important link: notifications@fetchapp.com.

If you ordered the boxed CD course, you’ll receive two e-mails, and your package will be sent to the address entered in the PayPal form. When you receive it, it will contain one or two CDs plus a printed instruction booklet.

For the download course, please read on…

Mac Help 14

Mac Help 13


Select the link below. It will open a Fetch page in your web browser.

Mac Help 15

Follow the instructions in the white box: Right-click the link(s) below and “Save File As…” or Save Target As…” or try a different browser like Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Mac Help 16

Mac Help 17

Mac Help 18

The ZIP file will now download into the Downloads folder.

Depending on the size of the file and the speed of your internet connection, the download could take anywhere from a minute to an hour. If not showing, click on the down arrow to reveal the download box. When the download is complete, you will see the file in the box similar to this one below:

Mac Help 19

The next step is to UNZIP the file into the original folder/file structure. Place the tip of the mouse arrow in the middle of the file name and Right-Click and release. A menu like the one below will appear. Move the mouse arrow down to Extract All… and Left-Click.

Mac Help 20

Mac Help 21

Create a new folder by selecting the gear icon and choosing New Folder.

Mac Help 22

Mac Help 23

Name the folder similar to the file you just downloaded.

Mac Help 24

Then MOVE the ZIP file into the new folder. It will appear in the folder’s window.

Mac Help 25

Mac Help 26

The next step is to UNZIP the file into the original folder/file structure. Double-click on the ZIP file in the window to expand the files.

Mac Help 27

Mac Help 28

You can now see the expanded folder(s) and a PDF file that come with your product.

(If your audio course has two discs, you’ll see two folders. If your course has only one disc, you’ll see all of the individual files instead.)

Note the PDF file below. This is the booklet with precise instructions you’ll need to follow the audio sections contained in each MP3 file. It’s a good idea to open it (Double-Click on the PDF icon) and print it out. Here’s the cover of the booklet for Accent Reduction as shown in Adobe Acrobat Reader below. (If you don’t have Acrobat Reader, it’s a free program with versions for most operating systems.)

Mac Help 29

Now let’s take a look inside the Disc folders…

Here’s what’s inside the Disc 1 folder:

Mac Help 30

And here’s what’s inside the Disc 2 folder:

Mac Help 31

These files can be played right on your computer by double-clicking on any one of them.

Mac Help 32

Or you can load them into iTunes for use with Apple portable devices by doing the following steps:
1. Open iTunes and select the Library button

Mac Help 33

2. Select Albums

Mac Help 34

3. Drag the folder you created earlier into the area below the Albums button. All of the files will be copied along with the folders which will become one or two albums, depending upon whether your product contains one or two “discs.”

Mac Help 35

To find your new albums amongst the crowd, use the search box.

Mac Help 36

The result after loading in all the MP3 files into the iTunes Library is two album icons and lists:

Mac Help 37

Mac Help 38

If you wish to transfer the above albums into your portable device(s), follow the instructions for that device. Select the Devices button and choose your device.

Mac Help 39

Mac Help 40

Thank you for taking the time to read and use this Help document. Enjoy your Corff Voice Studio audio course and enjoy!

Bob and Claire Corff

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