Bob Corff Classics Archive

Travel through time and experience these rare photographs, video and audio pieces…

Don’t Chase Me Around

This song is from the Gas-s-s-s album that Quentin Tarantino found and put it in the movie “Once upon a Time in Hollywood.” The soundtrack was nominated for a Grammy.

The Purple Gang – Bring Your Own Self Down

The Ark – Poverty Train (1967)

The actual 45 single!

The Purple Gang – I Know What I Am

This was our first time in the studio.

Got to Get Movin’

Bboy Iron Monkey – Please Don’t Bury My Soul

Here is a song from the soundtrack of Gas-s-s-s a movie I was the lead in. Then at 1 minute and 19 seconds a rap group sampled the song for their rap!

I’m Looking for a World

The Ark – Daily Reminder ~ Psyche

B Side

Maybe It Wasn’t Really Love

World That We All Dreamed of


by Bob Corff and others

This Is the Beginning

HAIR podcast episode 3 – Bob Corff

Here is a podcast I did about my time in the show “Hair.”